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We are a benchmark in the market thanks to our commitment to sustainability and innovation in such critical areas as plastic waste treatment and management, and its transformation into new resources. We follow a responsible plastic recycling management approach and create new innovative products from recycled materials. We specialise in the development, execution and implementation of circular business models based on end-to-end production processes aimed at improving the impact of plastic on the environment.

Our goal is to transform waste into resources to build a better world for future generations, in which waste is not the end of the road, but the start of a new industrial revolution that deeply respects and protects the environment.

Transforming waste to build a better world,
in which waste is not the end of the road.


To become the leaders in the development of plastic product solutions that drive the circular economy and cater to society’s and industry’s demands, while making an active contribution to creating a greener and more sustainable future.


Focusing on reducing the carbon footprint and promoting sustainable industrial practices.


  • Service: Actively listen to our customers, society and the environment.
  • R+D: Innovate in the development and manufacturing of new products that improve the environmental impact of our customers’ industrial activities.
  • Sustainability: Drive the circular economy with ECOdesign, ZERO WASTE production processes and the philosophy of the 3Rs (Reduction, Re-usage and Recycling).

Naeco Packaging is the original division of the group in which we have been operating since 2006, and which positions us as a global benchmark in the manufacture of environmentally friendly plastic pallets, boxes and containers.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every phase of production: from design to product development.

We offer companies the peace of mind of working with a manufacturer of plastic pallets, boxes and containers committed to the environment and whose ultimate goal is to reduce plastic waste and promote responsible practices.

Our clients choose our solutions because they optimise their logistics processes while making an active contribution to create a more sustainable future.


As a manufacturer of plastic pallets, crates and containers, we are firmly committed to sustainability. We are proud of offering a wide range of options that cater to our customers’ needs.

Each pallet, crate and container manufactured by Naeco meets the highest quality standards, ensuring safe and efficient transport and storage. Our recycled plastic pallets, crates and containers have become a leading industry solution, guaranteeing a long-lasting alternative that is respectful with the environment. By incorporating top-quality recycled materials in our manufacturing processes, we promote the reduction in the carbon footprint and the efficient use of natural resources. As a result, our customers can optimise their logistics operations and adopt a more responsible and conscious approach with the environment.

Have you already discovered our wide range of plastic pallets? From the lightest pallets of the Lightweight range to the more robust pallets of the Heavy Duty range, including the most versatile of the Medium range, perfect for many different applications. The Hygienic range is perfect for environments that require the maximum hygiene levels; and ESD pallets, which are anti-static to transport sensitive electronic components.

In addition, in our catalogue you will find top-quality plastic crates, as well as high capacity containers, we have rigid options for different industries, as well as folding options, which are super-efficient solutions for reverse logistics processes.

Our commitment as a manufacturer of plastic pallets, crates and containers can improve your company’s efficiency and sustainability levels.
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As part of our commitment to being a responsible company, we are very proud of accompanying our products throughout their life cycle, ‘from cradle to cradle’. With our programme Naeco Rewind, we guarantee an endless and circular loop, ensuring that our solutions never become waste and are treated as best as possible at the end of their useful life.

As an authorised waste manager, our production processes allow us to guarantee the “end-of-waste condition” and offer our customers the recovery of our products at the end of their useful life, ensuring these are recovered efficiently, with a high added value and based on the principle of recycling.

Quality at the service of sustainability

Where better than at the factory in which they were manufactured, so these can be processed again and introduced in new products with properties identical to those of the original product, all in a process certified by an environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001:2015 and a “ZERO WASTE” certified waste management system.


Naeco Packaging is an expert in the creation of any type of sustainable logistics solutions and re-usable transport elements adapted to the needs of each customer: plastic pallets, crates and containers.

If you cannot find a product to suit your needs, wish to develop a new product or have an innovative idea, contact us and we can develop a tailored solution together.

Naeco Research conducts in-depth research to delve into its customers’ needs and those of their projects. This area works on the development of optimum solutions that meet the corresponding technical requirements, while creating a sustainable solution based on the model of the 3Rs: reduce the environmental impact of our customers’ operations, maximise re-usage and the useful life of the product, and guarantee that the product can be recycled according to the principles of ecodesign.

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No matter what field you work in. You can find products in our product portfolio that meet the needs of sectors as different as the meat-poultry, automotive, pharmaceutical, retail and fruit and vegetable, among many other sectors.


Naeco Recycling is the Naeco Group’s Division responsible for managing, recycling and transforming plastic waste into raw materials. We specialise in managing plastic waste, and in developing and producing customised reformulated and recycled polymers for specific sectors and/or applications.

We strive to drive innovation in the area of plastic recycling through the continuous exploration of new applications, recycling complex plastic waste and developing new high added-value recycled polymers. We have developed an advanced range of polymers, which are manufactured from recycled materials, obtained from post-consumption and post-industrial waste.

With our recycling processes and capacity to manage and transform plastic waste, we aspire to raise the awareness on the need for a more responsible and conscious approach regarding the use and re-usage of this raw material, as the base for a new production model rooted in the principles of the circular economy.

We are also committed to the active promotion of the use of recycled polymers, such as high-density polyethylene or polypropylene for industry. This activity is fully in line with the Naeco Group’s values of sustainability and re-usage. ♻️ is not just a symbol, but also represents our constant effort to turn plastic recycling into a standard industry practice.

Pioneers in the certification of recycled materials

We are authorised Non-hazardous Waste Managers (R3) in the Principality of Asturias (Spain), with Environmental Authorisation No. (NIMA): 3300010395. In addition, our recycling process is certified by RecyClass, in compliance with the UNE EN 15343 standard “Plastics – Recycled Plastics – Plastics recycling traceability and assessment of conformity and recycled content”, which allows us to comply with the applicable “end-of-waste condition” standards and regulations. This certification allows us to guarantee end-to-end and reliable traceability of the content of our compounds.

Help us build a more sustainable
and environmentally friendly


Naeco Recycling is committed to the creation of recycled polymers for many different applications. We specialise in polyolefins, specifically, in the polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (HDPE) ranges.

Our products include mixed materials, such as mPP, a formulation created by mixing different materials, such as polypropylene and polyethylene, used in certain injection applications.

Likewise, we use recycled polypropylene (cPP) with different mechanical properties, each type designed to meet the corresponding processability and resistance needs.

We also offer polymers with additives to cater to our customers’ requirements, such as materials with talc, known for their rigidity, aesthetic properties and dimensional stability.

We also use high-density polyethylene (cHDPE) for injection, extrusion and blowing applications.

Obviously, we also manufacture the materials with which we produce the products of all other Group Divisions. The greatest challenge of industry in the 21st century is to find applications with the potential and capacity to recover the waste generated by our society. Our commitment to recycled plastic is the way in which we try to help protect and preserve the environment.


We transform plastic waste into cutting-edge compounds, using state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the manufacturing of top-quality products. The materials produced for different applications, i.e., polypropylene or polyethylene chippings, pass through a comprehensive quality control procedure during each stage of the process. We guarantee that the materials have the characteristics that our customers need through a combination of advanced plastic waste transformation techniques.

Moreover, we do not only recycle materials, but we also transform them and are large-scale consumers of recycled polymers. We have a team of experts on the formulation of materials, product development, and manufacturing processes.

Our experience on the development of polymers from plastic waste and their subsequent transformation into these materials has allowed us to acquire an unprecedented know-how in the market. We control waste from the source at landfills to its final transformation into products. This allows us to achieve a 360º vision and to help our customers, by providing them with the necessary advice and incorporating recycled materials into their industrial processes.


Naeco Recycling is driven by a common goal: to offer sustainable and top-quality solutions for any application and/or sector. Our personalised formulations are used to develop recycled materials with a view to complying with specific requirements, optimising their performance with additives and specialised loads.

If you cannot find a recycled polymer that meets your product’s needs, you wish to boost the level of recycling in your production processes or wish to incorporate your own waste as new materials, please contact us and we will develop a tailored solution together.

Our tailor-made polymers cater to the specific needs of transformers, taking into account specific factors, such as fluidity, resistance, colour or the useful life of the end product. In addition, in the case of situations in which recycled materials are insufficient, our compounds are integrated with raw materials to improve sustainability and process efficiency, guaranteeing high standards of quality without compromising competitiveness.

Naeco Research has its own state-of-the-art laboratory, with the capacity to characterise any type of plastic material, as well as a team of highly qualified technicians, who are experts in the analysis, characterisation, formulation and development of plastic materials.

This area works to develop optimum solutions that meet the technical requirements of the end application, which will help our customers increase the use of recycled materials in their processes.

la revolución textil a partir del reciclaje

La industria textil está experimentando un cambio hacia la sostenibilidad y en ese proceso, el reciclaje de fibras de plástico desempeña un papel crucial dentro de esta transformación. En este contexto, nos enorgullece ofrecer soluciones innovadoras a través de nuestra línea de negocio fiber recycling especializada en la creación de fibras textiles a partir de residuos plásticos.

Entre nuestros productos destacan la fibra textil de plástico y la fibra discontinua de poliéster reciclado, ambas creadas con un enfoque claro: reducir los residuos y fomentar prácticas respetuosas con el medioambiente. Nuestras fibras recicladas destacan por su resistencia y durabilidad.

Y lo mejor de todo es que al utilizarlas, también nos ayudas a contribuir activamente a la reducción de la huella de carbono y a promover una producción más sostenible.

La gama de productos que ofrecemos bajo la categoría de fiber incluye variedad en tipos de poliéster, lo cual nos permite expandir la gama de aplicaciones y satisfacer distintas necesidades del mercado. Uno de nuestros productos estrella es la fibra producida a partir de PET reciclado, conocida comúnmente como PET fibra. Este producto no solo simboliza la innovación en la reutilización de materiales, sino que también se alinea con los objetivos de sostenibilidad y eco-eficiencia que promovemos.

proceso integral fibers

A través de un enfoque innovador y sostenible, en Naeco Fibers hemos logrado transformar distintos tipos de poliéster reciclado en fibras de alta calidad, ofreciendo una alternativa ecológica a los materiales convencionales. Este proceso, cuidadosamente diseñado y optimizado, garantiza la máxima eficiencia en la utilización de recursos y la reducción de residuos, al tiempo que cumple con los más altos estándares de calidad y rendimiento.


Explore nuestras soluciones de reciclaje y productos de fibra.

La fibra textil de plástico, también conocida como fibra de longitud corta, es un material versátil y de gran utilidad en la industria textil. A diferencia de la fibra textil no hilada convencional, esta fibra se compone de filamentos cortos que no han sido transformados en hilos.

Su naturaleza no hilada le confiere una mayor resistencia y durabilidad, lo que la hace ideal para aplicaciones que requieren una mayor solidez y densidad en los tejidos.

Con una amplia gama de aplicaciones que abarcan desde textiles para el hogar hasta productos industriales y médicos, la fibra textil no hilada se ha convertido en la opción preferida para la fabricación de una gran variedad de productos duraderos y de alta calidad.


Naeco Loves You is a space that features a series of programmes and initiatives of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework, which focus on encouraging our customers, collaborators and colleagues to make their contribution on matters related to sustainability, as well as to protecting the environment and people.

This site is the result of the company’s commitment to sustainability and global well-being. Naeco Loves You has an online portal where we regularly share, transparently and publicly, the main indicators of our activity through the different programs that comprise it.

We base our programs on key actions that reflect Naeco’s commitment to promoting positive change in society and the environment.

Naeco Rewards recognises the value of companies committed to recycling plastic waste and which foster responsible practices that make their contribution to increasing the volume of post-consumption container waste recycled.

Naeco Rewind strengthens the company’s commitment to the circular economy, making sure that our products never become waste, i.e., ensuring that they are recovered and returned to the factory where they were produced at the end of their useful life.

Naeco Reduce focuses on sharing information regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint associated with the use of our products, encouraging the actors in our value chain to adopt sustainable solutions.

Naeco Reforest materialises the company’s commitment to protecting the environment, by planting trees every year, with a view to increasing the volume o CO2 present so it can be absorbed by the natural environment.

Naeco Team reflects the importance of our people, creating a positive work atmosphere with an approach that fosters our colleagues’ motivation and commitment.


Naeco Research is our business group’s innovation driver, a laboratory of ideas solely dedicated to the development of sustainable and high added-value solutions.

The base to achieving success in terms of quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction lies in achieving a suitable balance between products, materials and processes. These three elements are tightly linked and they mutually depend on each other to achieve successful results. The final goal of any development is usually materialised in the form of a product, which is created with materials of varying characteristics and properties, and which is produced in a process in which the materials are transformed into the actual product.

We cover the entire product development cycle,
from functional analysis and 3D design to the creation
of prototypes and conducting of comprehensive tests.

We combine cutting-edge technology with a strict scientific approach to analyse tensions and deformation, chemical formulations, breaking strength and the capacity of our injection moulds, among many other parameters. We have a laboratory that specialises in plastics and are experts in the development of polymer formulations. We have a proven track record in the following processes: injection, extrusion, mechanical recycling, assembly and series production.

Our commitment to science outreach can be seen in our collaboration with institutions and universities, as well as our participation in standardisation committees, consolidating our position as industry benchmarks and drivers of sustainability and innovation.

Pioneers in the certification of recycled materials

Proof of our commitment to top quality, we have been one of the first companies to implement an R&D management system in compliance with UNE 166002:2021, which allows us to optimise our technological research, development and innovation processes according to the strictest industry standards.